Edition Drop #1

Legend: Roses are red violets are blue, most dangerous species? You ❤️

The Colony, 2024
Nature The Artist

The building and developing of colonies are things we have in common with the animal world, but - unlike most species, who do their best to evolve in order to maintain and progress their communities - humanity dominates, even destroys.

Nature The Artist’s latest series, The Colony, reveals the residue of a recently discovered insect species. While the beauty and intricacy of these beehive structures stand impressive, it is the discovery of what appears to be a hidden message within them that indicates all may not be as it seems.

Although soon to be on show to the public in the cultural capital of the world, the artist’s insistence on his findings being shared imminently has resulted in the release of this initial edition.

It is the artist’s hope that the purchase of these editions will challenge their owners' perception of what they deem to be guaranteed in the natural world, emphasising the ephemerality of nature and its call for attention.

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